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Frequently asked questions

Is it a one time fee?

Yes and no. It is a yearly payment if you constantly want access to plugin updates and support for one year. OR it can be a one-time payment with one-year free updates and support. After one year, the plugin will still work (not the license) just fine but you would forfeit access to updates/support unless you renew your license. Each payment gives you a full year of free support, ensured compatibility with WooCommerce and WordPress via updates, and any new features we release within that period.

On how many sites can the plugin be installed?

Each purchase is only valid for one site and one site only.

Are plugin updates available?

You get automatic updates for free when you have a valid licence key.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do! Please review our refund policy

What do you mean by a "site"?

A “site” refers to one wordpress website on which you can use the Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce plugin.

Is support available?

Yes! Since quality customer support is essential and of high importance to any best-selling product, we do our very best to resolve our customers issues by our live chat or our helpdesk.

Can you help with pre-sale questions?

We are always ready to help you out, ask us any question via our live chat or our helpdesk.