You clicked the button to check out our Affiliate program! That’s the only major step you need to take. Seriously.


What is an affiliate program?

After building solutions, and selling directly to the market, the next step is to enrich others who help you ‘spread the word’. That’s what an affiliate program is all about – making sure that you earn something when you refer others to enjoy the products and services that have made your life easier. It is a win-win situation!


What do I gain by joining?

By joining our affiliate program, you get to earn a 30% commission on any first purchase from anyone you refer to us. You are not just telling people that our plugin is good, you are also earning money as you do so.


What are the steps to follow?

  1. Sign up with our Affiliate program
  2. Generate your affiliate link
  3. Start sending us traffic using your affiliate link.
  4. Watch the commissions roll in each time the referred clients make their first purchase.


Wait…Are there rules I need to be aware of?

We expect you to generate traffic through ethical means e.g. create a blog post and add the link within, create banners and add the link within. Please do not break any privacy laws. Please review our terms and conditions for additional rules, before signing up.


When can I start?

Instantly! Just click the “Join us” button below.