What is Tiered Pricing?

Tiered pricing entails accumulating the discount value you have set for a WooCommerce product across defined intervals or steps.
It is usually applied in situations where you want to give a bulk discount on a single product.
Please note that the bulk pricing table will not be active if the Tiered pricing option is enabled.

Example: Set the product price to $30 for every multiple of 4 in the customer’s shopping cart.

Tiered product set up 01


Tiered pricing product set up 02
The Quantity Based Pricing field for the product has the requested value.
Tiered pricing product added to cart
Here’s the product added to the shopping cart.

The customer added a quantity of 5, therefore only 4 of that was given a cost price of $30. The last one would be at the original price of $35. The final average price per unit is $31.

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