WooCommerce Dynamic pricing, sometimes called flexible pricing, refers to a pricing approach in which prices are frequently updated in response to changing market conditions. WooCommerce dynamic discounts are used as part of a pricing strategy to boost sales, attract new customers and build a loyal customer base.

This type of price strategy is dependent upon market intelligence and may rely on software to analyse big data when determining the best price. Dynamic pricing looks at the cost and availability of goods, competitor pricing and customer demand, and applies discounts to products to make the price more attractive to customers.

29 Dynamic Discount Setups (In Pictures)

WooCommerce dynamic discounts have a wide variety of applications. The use of a plugin such as Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce makes it easy to apply discounts and harness the benefits of dynamic pricing.

Here are some typical promotions which can be implemented using Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce:

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1. Bulk Discounts on Specific WooCommerce Products

From a customer’s perspective buying more than one item makes sense. Particularly when it’s something they know they like and will buy again. Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce accommodates this type of sale by allowing you to set up special pricing for bulk purchases of the same item. What’s more is that this function is totally scalable. It can be used for retail promotions or wholesale marketing. Observe how easy this type of discount is to implement.

10% off t-shirts price if 50 or more t-shirts is purchased.

2. Bulk Discounts on All WooCommerce Products in Specific Categories

The scope of a bulk discount can be widened to attract more sales by applying a discount to an entire category such as watches, handbags, sneakers, etc. Here is a tutorial showing how this type of discount can be implemented.

Buy more than 5 products in the clothing category and get 15% discount off cart total

3. WooCommerce Bulk Discounts Depending on the Customer Role

Bulk discounts can be linked to customer roles. You could for example offer VIP customers exclusive discounts with bulk purchases, an example would be a 10% discount off three or more lipsticks, perfumes, shoes or just about any item you wish to promote. Here’s how it’s done.

Get 10% off on purchases over 50$ if his role is “subscriber”.

4. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: Bulk discount for WooCommerce Products where Quantities are a Multiple of X

This type of bulk discount applies to multiples, example ten percent off 6 cans of beer, 15 percent off twelve and 20 percent off 18. The advantage of this type of discount is that it encourages the customer to buy in multiples, rewarding him with greater savings for every increase.

(Pricing table) 10% off every 6 pair of sunglass purchased.

5. WooCommerce Dynamic Discounts Depending on the Customer Role

Customers can be ascribed specific roles. Examples of typical roles are customer, subscriber, vendor, gold club member etc. Role based prices can be defined for the various customer groups. gardenersworld.com offers subscribers a 10% discount coupon for use at their various retail partners. This is also an excellent example of affiliate marketing. This is how you would apply this type of discount using WooCommerce dynamic pricing.

Subscribers get free gift in category Music if total amount is equal or more than 15$

6. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: Dynamic Discounts on all WooCommerce Products with Specific Tags

A commonly used strategy is to reward customers and encourage purchases around special occasions such as the launch of a new product, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day etc.

The easiest way to manage this type of promotion is by assigning it a special code, coupon or tag. Here are two examples of dynamic discounts on all products with a specific tag. Henry J Socks offers a Father’s Day discount as well as a Black Friday discount.

Offer a free gift on all product purchased with the tag #blackfriday

7. WooCommerce Dynamic Discounts on all WooCommerce Product Variations with Specific Attributes

There are times when it makes more sense to apply a discount to a line within a range of products than to calculate discounts on specific items. Assuming your store sells ladies sleepwear in three basic colours, black, white and beige, in all sizes. You may have many products including tops, bottoms and nighties but under each of these product variations you have only two attributes namely, size and colour. If you notice that extra small nighties in beige are slow movers, you could discount that line in an effort to clear the stock. This would be an example of applying a dynamic discount on a product variation with a specific attribute.

This is very effective for clothing retailers. Kathmandu, a New Zealand-based outdoor apparel retailer offers 40% off all summer apparel.

Get a free nightie with blue pocket if 2 sleepwears are purchased.

8. WooCommerce Dynamic Membership Pricing

Loyalty clubs are not a new concept. Savvy marketers have been using this method of promotion to reward repeat customers and encourage continued brand loyalty for decades. Craft Beer Shop offers free monthly delivery and access to exclusive products to encourage membership. This is an example of linking a customer role to specific products and shipping rules. Allow us to demonstrate how easy it is to set up this type of discount.

Become a premium member and get 50% discount on your third flight ticket purchase

9. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Based on the Customer Email Domain

This is particularly useful when you partner with another business or government department offering employees of the partner organisation a special discount. When you link a WooCommerce dynamic discount to a customer’s email domain, you can ensure that a specific price list is reflected for that customer only.

Every customer with email domain ending with “discountsuiteforwp.com” gets 15% off purchase.

10. WooCommerce Dynamic Discounts for Specific Customers

Specific customers can be rewarded with special pricing. There are many creative ways in which this type of discount can be implemented. It would all depend on your industry and product mix.

The Feed, a sports nutrition store offers a 5% product discount to customers who sign up for auto shipping. Auto shipping is simply a pre-arranged regular shipment of a specific product.

Given the nature of their product range it is very likely that their customers make regular purchases of the same products, like whey protein and pre-workout, which are a sports enthusiast’s nutritional essentials.

5% discount for customers who sign up for shipping “Flat rate”

11. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: First Time Order Discounts

The Underwear Expert offers a unique new underwear delivery service. Customers sign up, list their preferences and schedule a delivery frequency. Every, one, two or three months they receive a package containing new underwear.

We love the simplicity and convenience of their business proposition but the reason we have featured this company is to show their use of both first-time order discount, where new customers get 25% off their first delivery (i.e. first purchase) and free delivery with all orders of two items or more. First time order discounts are one of the most widely used discount types.

New customers get 25% off their first purchase.

12. WooCommerce Dynamic Discounts Based on Previous Orders or Nth Orders Pricing

This type of discount is great for encouraging repeat business. With this option either a discount, or a free product with a future purchase is offered. This can be a fantastic enticement to encourage customers to keep choosing your brand over a competitor’s.

The Body Shop’s long running loyalty program is a prime example. This is how you would implement a discount based on previous orders using WooCommerce dynamic pricing.

Purchase 3 times and get 50% discount off cart total

13. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: Discounts Based on Previously Purchased Products

Offering a discount on a product that a customer purchased previously is an example of streamlined remarketing and increases the efficacy of a promotion. It is based on the likelihood that a customer will make a second purchase on a tried and tested product.

The best example I could offer here is a perfume store offering discounts on a set of body sprays. This is how you would set up a dynamic discount on previously purchased products in your own WooCommerce store.

Purchase t-shirts 2 times and get 20% discount off your 3rd order.

14. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: Volume or Cart Size Dynamic Pricing

You can link pricing to cart size (i.e. order value). This will encourage shoppers to purchase more. This tactic is typically seen on travel sites such as Airbnb. If you have ever booked accommodation on Airbnb, you would have noticed that if you set your start and end date for a short period, lets say one week the price per night may be $100 per night whereas if you booked a longer stay, two weeks or more, the price per night reduces. The same principle can be applied to products in your WooCommerce store by setting up dynamic pricing for cart size.

25% discount off cart total if total purchase is 500$

15. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: Discount Off the Shipping Fees

One of best ways to upsell a customer is to encourage free shipping on items over a certain value. Beauty brand Sodashi offers free shipping on products over $99. You could also offer a discount off the shipping fees if outright free shipping is not feasible. This is how dynamic discounts on shipping fees can be set up.

Get free shipping on all products above $99

16. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: Shipping Country Dynamic Pricing

When your market footprint covers a wide area, with different distribution centres, you will find that delivery costs vary per region. It may be more cost effective for you to ship goods within your domestic market than it is to ship to another country or vice versa depending on the country of origin of your products. In this case it would make sense to customize shipping costs per country.

20% off order subtotal if customer shipping country is Australia

17. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing:  Shipping State Dynamic Pricing

As with the above discount type, this is a way to customise shipping costs. In this case you would go one level further and set up shipping costs for the different states or provinces in your domestic market.

10% off order subtotal if customer shipping state is Colorado

18. WooCommerce Billing Country Dynamic Pricing

It’s good to offer customers the ease and convenience of being able to order goods and have them shipped to friends or relatives in another country, as long as that country is covered by your delivery footprint.

You may even want to promote such a service around Christmas and other holidays such as Eid, Diwali and Chinese New Year. Parents would be a good group to target with this type of campaign as I am sure that many parents who have kids at university or living in another country would love to send them gifts and care packages.

There could be dozens of reasons a customer would require this service so it’s good to know that with Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce you can set up dynamic pricing based on the customers billing address.

Get free shipping if billing country is Greece

19. WooCommerce Billing State Dynamic Pricing

Similarly, dynamic pricing based on a customers billing state may be equally important. This allows you to cater to a wider network of customers.

Get 50$ off if billing state is Hawaii

20. WooCommerce Dynamic Discounts Based on the Payment Methods

This is an important feature for stores in the B2B space who offer payment terms such as 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc. By offering a cash discount i.e. payment before shipping, you could encourage customers to pay upfront, which increases liquidity and manages risk.

Smaller businesses with many transactions may find that they prefer one payment method or financial service provider over another. This could be due to a shorter clearance period with one bank or more favourable service fees with another.

By setting up dynamic pricing based on the payment method you can gently steer customers towards the payment method of your choice.

25% discount off cart total if direct bank transfer is used for payment

21. Free Gifts When the Customer Purchases Some Products

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Free gifts are an effective way to entice customers to buy and to make them feel like they are being rewarded for their patronage. The All Blacks are New Zealand’s national rugby team.

They have a huge fan base of loyal supporters creating a market for branded merchandise. In this example they offer a free gift on select merchandise during the month of September. This is an example of a free gift on a specific product applicable for a specified time only.

Get a free gift if product “phonecase” is bought in September

22. Free Gifts When the Customer Purchases a Certain Product in a Minimum Order Quantity

We all know that free gifts are a great way to entice a customer to make a purchase. This is a tried and tested method which can work wonders for a short-term sales boost. This type of program can be enhanced by offering the free gift with a minimum order quantity, thereby rewarding higher order values.

Purchase a minimum of 10 hoodies and get a free gift

23. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: Buy One Get One Free or BOGO

This is another way to encourage sales by offering two items for the price of one. This usually makes business sense when the markup on the item is high enough to cover the cost of both items, with a healthy profit margin worked in.

The obvious upside is that the second item would not attract shipping costs since both items are packaged and delivered together. This is how you set up a BOGO discount using Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce.

buy a Hoodie with Pocket and get sunglasses for free

24. WooCommerce Email/Newsletter (Mailchimp or SendinBlue) Subscribers Discounts

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and targeted means of promotion available. It therefore makes sense to offer shoppers an incentive for signing up to your newsletter.

Skin care brand Root Science offers a ten percent discount off their customer’s next purchase when signing up to the newsletter. They even specify a minimum order of $50. This is a good example of applying parameters to ensure that a discount is feasible.

Sign up to our mailchimp mailing list and get 10% off your first purchase

25. WooCommerce Products Group Pricing

You could also approach dynamic pricing and discounts from a supply perspective. Depending on supplier availability or inventory levels you could reduce prices on specific product categories to ensure the movement of greater volume in those categories specifically.
Get 20$ off total amount if products include hoodies

26. Percentage Discount Off Cheapest Product in Cart

The discount system will check for the product on your selected product list with the cheapest price, and apply the discount percentage amount specified on that, instead of just any of the products in the cart.

Get a 10% discount off the cheapest product in the “Cheapest product list” if user orders products that include products from the Accessories3 product list

27. Fixed Amount Discount Off Cheapest Product in Cart

This discount type applies a fixed amount as a discount, to the cheapest product in the cart that meets your set up discount criteria.

Get a $15 discount off the cheapest product in user’s cart if user orders products that include those from the “Cheapest product list”

28. Percentage Discount Off Product with Lowest Subtotal in Cart

This discount type lets you apply discount to the product with the lowest subtotal in the shopper’s cart.

Get a 20% discount off the product with the lowest subtotal if user orders products from the Accessories3 product list

29. Fixed Amount Discount Off Product with Lowest Subtotal in Cart

A fixed amount discount is applied to the product with the lowest subtotal in the cart.

Get a $35 discount off the product with the lowest subtotal if user orders products from the Accessories3 product list

There you have it, 29 discount setup’s in pictures. We hope that you have found this article informative and that it inspires you to get creative with your own WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discounts. We would love to hear from you.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas on the 29 WooCommerce discount types in the comment section below.

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