Giving you the best service is what we strive for, as a result the Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce Plugin, which enables you to apply various ways to run discounts all-year round has been upgraded with the following abilities:


Added: ability to define a discount based on the shipping and billing state
Added: ability to define a discount based on previously purchased products
Added: ability to define which order statuses should be considered as completed
Added: error message for wrongly defined rules for conditions “customer-role”, “customer”, “payment-gateway”, “billing-country”, “shipping-country”
Solved: issue with previous order count when the user’s email address is not the billing address
Solved: issue with variable products where the on-sale badge is not displayed
Solved: issue with free gifts calculations when the taxes are active

Solved: issue where discounts are 0 when coupons are used.

Whilst we are still working to make it a better plugin,this added abilities will surely make your online store easier to manage.

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